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Want to increase your chances of winning and lower the house odds? Follow some of these simple tips to increase your chances of gambling success. Good luck!

General Do's and Don'ts

  • DO set a budget limit before you start play and stick to it. Set also your profit target amount and make it reasonable.
  • DON'T be afraid to bet. If you are not up to it, don't gamble.
  • DO know when to stop. If you're winning, quit while you're ahead. The feeling is great and you are likely to win again next time. Likewise, if you lose your set limit, walk away.
  • DON'T borrow money to gamble and or lend money to a friend so that he can gamble. Lending money to a friend who is losing badly is a sure way of stressing your friendship - and probably the lent money too.
  • DO your homework before you gamble online, not after. In particular, you should definitely read the rules carefully, and check the terms on bonuses and cashing out.
  • DON'T drink and gamble because drinking lowers your inhibitions and clouds your judgment. Likewise, avoid gambling if you're feeling tired as well.
  • DON'T increase your bets to try to recover losses.
  • DO check the customer service response before you sign up with an online casino. Contact them by phone or send them an email with a question and see how long it takes them to reply.
  • DO make sure that the online casino is a member of a known association such as EOGA or Interactive Gaming Council. This won't be a guarantee, but it surely reduces the risk of being let down.
  • DON'T gamble more than your set limit or stay beyond what you have set out to do.
  • DON'T risk more than you can afford to lose, especially on a new game or a game that you don't know all the rules of.
  • DO be suspicious of anything that sounds to good too be true. It probably is.
  • DO take the time to learn good money management. Often this skill is more important to winning than learning how to play the game itself.
  • DO get help if you suspect that you have a gambling problem.


For Video Poker

Before you play:

Look for full-pay machines, 9/6 for Jacks +, and 9/5 Deuces Wild for higher payouts.

Learn how to read pay schedules, and correct strategies for each version.

Each video poker machine has its own particular best strategy, restrict your play to the same kind of machine all of the time and you will learn to know the best cardplay automatically.

If you are new to Video Poker try playing Jacks or Better. It has an easy-to-understand strategy.

Playing Video Poker:

In Jacks or better, a pair of Jacks or better pays even money. Hold on to the two off-suited face cards for the best chance of a winner.

Make sure all the cards you want to hold are held before pushing the draw button. If you hit too fast or not hard enough, the machine might not register your request.

Never hold a 'Kicker' - a high card with a pair because they add no value to your hand.

Cash out your credits frequently.

Don't hold three cards trying to get a straight OR a flush only do so in certain instances for a straight flush.

Keep in mind that the probability of a Royal Flush in Jacks or Better Video Poker is approximately 1 in every 40,000 hands.

It is easier to draw to an outside straight (_5,6,7,8_) than an inside straight (5,6,_,8,9). You can complete your hand by getting the card you need on either end.


For Roulette

Playing Roulette

For an efficient betting strategy aim to win more money in fewer winning spins.

Take into account probability, but don't rely on it. Use it to make an approximate assessment of what you could expect on a long run.

Remember, the two major factors that determine how much you win or lose at roulette are: 1) your luck on the day and 2) deciding when is the best time to quit. On a very bad day, no sum of wagering money or degree of skill will make you a winner. Don't persist. Cut your losses early.

Keeping your Bankroll

You need to minimize your risk by spreading it around. Scatter your bets across the table, and this will help ensure that you will win something most every roll.

Also, spread the money around. Instead of betting $5 straight up on a number, play $1 straight up and another $1 on all four corners.


For Craps

Before you play

Bring the proper bankroll for your strategies: Play only at tables you can afford. You should be able to cover at least 25 to 30 bets, so don't sit at a $5 table with less than $125. This is your only protection against inevitable cold streaks.

Playing Craps

Make a betting selection(s) or establish a pattern of play to your liking and stick to it.

If you want to play longer and enjoy the action, stick to the 'pass/don't pass' and 'come/don't come' bets.

If you aim to 'hit and run' and winning is a priority, give preference to high-odds bets.

Don't plan to win every roll of the dice.

Raise as you win, lower as you lose.

Never quit after a win.


For Blackjack

Before you play

Use Basic Blackjack Strategy. Most Blackjack players will lose about 2% of every bet because of improper play.

To slow down your playing time choose a crowded table where you will be able to play fewer hands

To determine an appropriate bankroll amount for a table session of Blackjack multiply your normal bet by 40.

In Blackjack it is always to your advantage to play against as few decks as possible.

If you play Blackjack using basic strategy you will reduce the house edge to less than 1%.

Playing Blackjack

The dealer's hand averages 18.23. So, don't be afraid to hit if basic strategy calls for it.

Increase the amount of your bet only when you are winning.

Be aware that some casinos use the 'Dealer hits soft 17' rule which increases the house advantage.

The Blackjack dealer will bust more often when his up card is a 2 through 6 and he will complete more hands when his up card is 7 through ace.

Never take insurance unless you are counting cards.

Never split 10's.

Always split Aces and 8's, no matter what the dealer's showing card is.

Double down on two card combinations totaling:

  • 9 if the dealer's up card is 3, 4, 5 or 6
  • 10 if the dealer's up card is anything but a 10 or an Ace
  • 11 if the dealer's up card is anything but an Ace.

Always stand on hard 17 or higher if the dealer's showing card is 7 or lower.

Always stand on hard 13 through 16 if the dealer's showing card is 6 or lower, but hit if the dealer's showing card is 7 through Ace.

Always stand on hard 12 or higher if the dealer is showing 4, 5 or 6.

Hit a hard 12 if the dealer's up card is 2, 3, 7 or higher.

Hit a soft 17 against a dealer's 10.


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